Recognition Process

ATI allows Alexander Technique teachers who hold a teaching certificate from another professional Alexander Technique organization recognized by ATI to join as a teaching member via recognition. The list of recognized organizations is below. Click here for the online application. If you prefer a print copy, click here.

Instructions for Completing ATI Application for Teaching Membership via Recognition:

  1. Complete the ATI Teaching Member via Recognition Application (see below); 
  2. Read and sign the ATI Code of Ethics:  This is your agreement to abide by the ATI Code of Professional Conduct. You should print a copy of this document, sign it, and upload a copy with your online application, or mail the original to the ATI office with your paper Application; and
  3. Provide a copy of your certificate from a Recognized Society or proof of Teaching Membership: you will upload a copy with your online Application, or mail the original to the ATI office with your paper Application. 
  4. Pay ATI’s Membership Dues: At the time you submit your application, you should pay your membership dues. You may send a personal or bank check with your mailed application, or you may pay dues online by clicking the “Pay Membership Dues.”

ATI Teaching Members via Recognition do not receive an ATI Teaching Certificate. If you wish to receive an ATI Teaching Certificate, you must complete the ATI Certification Process.