Membership Services Committees

Board Liaisons: Kirika Rotermund-Nakamura

Membership Committee

Membership Committee Chair:
Dana Calvey | New York, NY, USA

Committee Members:
Susan Sinclar | Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Raewyn Khosla | Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Morgan Ford Brunketurner | Auburn, WA, USA

Committee Purpose:  The Membership Committee supports new members by operating the Buddy System, which matches new ATI members with a volunteer ATI member who can answer questions and help the new member understand how to get the best experience of the organization.  Membership Committee also works with the ATI Office on issues regarding membership.  The Committee stays in touch with the membership regarding member benefits and any other issues that may arise.

International Committee

International Committee Chair:
Corinne Cassini | Boone, North Carolina, USA

Committee Members:
Malané Hofmeye-Burger | Johannesburg, South Africa
Maria Saltiri | Thessaloniki, Greece
Kanae Tsuneki | Chiba, Japan
Clara Sandler | Brookline, MA, USA

Dual Membership Working Group:  Manuelle Borgel

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Committee PurposeThe purpose of the International Committee (IC) is to ensure that ATI members of all nationalities and languages can participate fully in all ATI activities and business. The IC is committed to providing translation and interpretation. It also strives to support educational and connection opportunities to encourage active participation of ATI members of any language, nationality, and from any time zone.