ATI Sponsors

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ATI Sponsors are ATI Teaching Members who have been nominated and elected by the membership. ATI Sponsors have had extensive experience in teaching the Alexander Technique in a variety of responsible roles, such as:

  • Directors of Alexander Technique training programs;
  • Senior faculty on Alexander Technique teacher training courses; and/or
  • Training teachers and extensive experience in private practice, or in educational institution faculty positions.

Every ATI Sponsor holds an ATI Teaching Certificate. ATI Sponsors are diverse in nationality, background and training, yet work to the criteria set out by ATI to evaluate teachers of the Alexander Technique.

Procedure to become an ATI Sponsor

ATI Sponsors are elected by vote of the membership each year at the annual conference. Members who wish to become an ATI Sponsor must meet the ATI Sponsor requirements. One of the three nominators must be a current ATI Sponsor. The application is available to all ATI Members to review prior to the voting at the annual conference. ATI Sponsor nomination guidelines.

In the ATI Sponsorship application, the nominee provides the following:

Fully completed sponsorship application with nominator forms must be received by the ATI Office no later than August 1 of the year the applicant wishes to be voted on. Applications received after that date will be considered for election at the next year’s annual conference.

All ATI Sponsors are elected to a term of five years. At the end of that time, each ATI Sponsor must stand for re-election. This requires the ATI Sponsor to complete a questionnaire where they provide detailed information about during their term.