Board & Committees

Board Members and Committee Chairs are dedicated volunteers elected by the membership.

2023-2024 ATI Board

Board Co-Chair:  Gabriella Minnes Brandes | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Board Co-Chair:  Maria Weiss | Zell-Schäftlarn, Germany
Secretary:  Diane Foust | LaCrosse, WI, USA
Treasurer:  Bill Conable | Spokane, WA, USA
Director:  Rachel Prabhakar, Brookline, MA, USA
Director:  Renée Jackson | Hendersonville, NC, USA
Director:  Kirika Rotermund-Nakamura | Germany

To contact the entire ATI Board at once, please email [email protected]

The Board meets regularly to conduct the business of ATI.  The purpose is to act for the membership between ACGMs to advance and further the purposes and objectives of ATI. The officers serve as Executive Committee of the Board and may meet separately to discuss/prepare issues outside of a regular Board meeting.

Every member of ATI can help shape the organization by becoming a committee member.  ATI believes that having new members work with current members helps us to remain fresh, with new energy and ideas injected from new people as committees grow and turnover.  Please consider joining one of the committees listed below: contact the Chair of the committee of your choice to find out more about contributing to the committee.  Our individual volunteers are of great value to ATI‘s ever-changing shape, and the committee work in turn allows our volunteers to develop and learn by being a vital part of what is going on in our organization.

2023-2024 ATI Committees

Membership Services

  • Communications Committee (CC)
  • International Committee (IC)
  • Membership Committee (MC)

Teacher Competence

  • Certification Coordinating Committee (CCC)
  • Continuing Education Committee (CEC)
  • Professional Development Committee (PDC)

Guidance and Governance

  • Ethics Advisory Committee (EAC)
  • Formal Consensus Process Committee (FCPC)
  • Nominations Committee (NC)
  • Vision Mission Committee (VMC)

Conference Planning

  • Agenda Planning Committee (APC)
  • Site Committee (SC)
  • Workshop Planning Committee (WPC)

Current Working Groups

  • Just Inclusion! - A Working Group of ATI
  • Working Group on Bylaws
  • Working Group on Revenue Sources
  • Working Group on Policies & Procedures Review