Activities of Daily Life

Alexander Technique for Activities of Daily Living

Everyday activities can affect the quality of how you live your life. Standing and sitting for long periods of time are challenging for most people. Computers, cell phones and tablets make demands on our energy and bodies. By studying the Alexander Technique, you can learn to do these daily activities with less stress and tension.


Alexander Technique for Mindfulness In Action

Habits are done mindlessly. The Alexander Technique teaches us how to change our manner of doing things. To make new choices, we learn to use our conscious attention and to respond in a mindful way.


Alexander Technique for School and KindergartenLearning depends on the coordination of the child. FM Alexander was interested in applying his technique to the field of education. In 1924 he founded a school based on the principles of his work. FM wished to prevent the common problems he was treating in adults. 

ATI teacher Catherine Vernerie was an elementary school teacher working with children learning to read and write. She noticed tension in their necks and shoulders from prolonged sitting that affected their attention. There was also psychological pressure from their fear of failure. But what struck her most was her attitude toward the class. If she was tense, tired, and stressed, the children felt it immediately. They were watching her all day, and her reactions added to a stressful classroom.

When the noise level increased because too many children spoke at the same time, she stopped talking rather than yelling at them. Calm returned. This is but one example of how the Alexander Technique can be used in the classroom.

Alexander in Education