Working Groups

Just Inclusion - A Working Group of ATI

Board Liaison: Gaby Minnes Brandes
Ariel Weiss | Philadelphia, PA, USA
Belinda Mello | New York, NY USA
Catherine Kettrick | Seattle, WA, USA 
Cathy Madden | Seattle, WA, USA 
Debi Adams | Boston, MA, USA
Harold Rivas | Boston, MA, USA
Heloisa Gravina | Caseneuve, France
Holly Cinnamon | New York, NY USA 
Irene Schlump | Bochum, Germany
Jennifer Mizenko | Oxford, MS, USA
Kirika Rotermund-Nakamura | Remagen, Germany
Linda Hein | Cambridge MA, USA 
Lucia Walker | Monmouth, Wales
Manuelle Borgel | Paris, France
Marya Spring Cordes | Dayton, OH USA 
Morgan Ford Brunketurner | Auburn WA USA

Rosa Luisa Rossi | Rheinfelden, Switzerland
Sharyn West | Johannesburg, South Africa

Committee Purpose: to uncover biases in Alexander Technique theory, language and practice; to lead ATI in developing and enacting anti-racist policies that bring about a stronger, diverse and equitable community; and to provide training and opportunities for ATI to understand White privilege and systemic racism and the physical manifestation of Racial Trauma in People of Color.

Working Group on Bylaws 

Alison Deadman | Jonesborough, TN, USA
Bill Conable | Cheney, WA, USA
Catherine Kettrick | Seattle, WA, USA 

David Mills | Seattle, WA, USA
Gaby Minnes Brandes | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 
Irene Schlump | Bochum, Germany
Judith Saxton | Winston-Salem, NC, USA

Committee Purpose: updating the bylaws to fit the current needs of the organization and its members. 


Working Group on Revenue Sources

Bill Conable | Cheney, WA, USA
Rileigh Crafts | Mattison Staff | Indianapolis, IN
Linda Hein | Arlington, MA, USA
Jim Paisner
Teresa Lee
Maria Weiss
Joseph Weissenberg


Working Group on Policies & Procedures Review

Maria Weiss