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Are you an Alexander Technique Teacher looking for a community that promotes learning from each other, embracing diversity and fostering international dialogue? Then become an ATI Teaching Member.

ATI's Approach to Professional Standards

ATI has not attempted to set a quantitative standard of Alexander teacher training courses such as a certain number of hours, weeks and years of training or a specific ratio of students to teachers. Some Alexander Technique training's courses run by ATI Teaching Members have a more flexible, apprenticeship-like structure or an extended schedule for those who work full-time. Some training programs are run on the standard three-year training schedule.

Rather than regulating training courses ATI has set up a standard that relies on the qualitative recognition of a teacher's competence to teach. After all, no amount of time in training, by itself, is sufficient to become a teacher. A trainee applying to become a certified teacher must prove that he/she has reached a level of understanding and ability to adequately and safely teach the public as recognized by a head of training or another person with skill and experience.

Therefore, the ATI sponsorship mechanism takes care of allowing everyone who has trained in an apprenticeship or other 'non-standard' approach as well as teachers from other societies who wish to become an ATI Certified Teaching Member. They simply need to work with any three ATI Sponsoring members and from this work gain their ATI Sponsor's written support.

To summarize, the organization is based on the membership's trust that if three ATI Sponsors say they assess someone as a teacher, then the applicant is designated as a competent teacher. It is further based on the willingness of all its members to accept the standards and mechanisms of certification of the other existing societies, even if those mechanisms differ from ATI's. The members of ATI agree to extend an informed trust to all parts of the Alexander Technique profession.

ATI offers two Teaching Member categories:

All Teaching Members sign the ATI Code of Ethics.

Please review the information about the two types of Teaching memberships so that you complete the correct teaching member application.

Basic requirements for ATI Teacher Certification can be found here!


Online Sponsoring Process Now Available

The Certification Coordinating Committee (CCC) determined that it is possible for ATI to conduct accurate sponsoring sessions for new teaching candidates using video conferencing without compromising our criteria.

Online evaluation is not new to the certification process. Some of our ATI Sponsors have relied on using video for many years (either live or recorded). Many ATI Sponsors have evaluated a teacher without directly experiencing their hands-on work.